Don’t Drink Carelessly! This is the Danger of Consuming Too Much Slimming Medicine or Diet Pills

DEPOSTJATENG.COM – Many people try to lose weight, one of which is by taking slimming drugs or diet pills.

Diet pills may promise fast weight loss, but their way of working is unhealthy and can harm your body by speeding up your metabolism too much.

Apart from that, there is also no guarantee that the drug will help your weight or fitness in the long term. Dangerous diet pills that can cause side effects, here they are:

. Reddened skin

. Headache

. Breathing too fast

. Dizzy

. Sweating too much

. Fever

. Vomit

. Feeling nauseous

Frequently consuming slimming pills for a very long time can cause the skin to peel, and can cause damage to the heart.

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