5 Best Iron Maiden Songs in Blaze Bayley Era

DEPOSTJATENG.COM – Iron Maiden is known as one of the most influential heavy metal bands in the world. Several times the band changed their vocalist for various reasons.

However, one vocalist who might be quite forgotten is Blaze Bayley.

Blaze Bayley replaced Bruce Dickinson, who left in 1994 because he wanted to focus on his solo career.

Through a fairly strict audition, Blaze Bayley, who has a very different voice from Bruce, managed to become the main choice for Steve Harris and his colleagues.

In total, Blaze Bayley has recorded 2 studio albums with Iron Maiden. He then left in 1999 following Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith’s comeback!

While reminiscing, here Depost Network will try to summarize the 5 best Iron Maiden songs from the Blaze Bayley era.


The song Virus went viral and became a topic of conversation in 2020 when Covid-19 hit.

In this song, Blaze Bayley performs well, adapting to Iron Maiden’s sound.

The Edge of Darkness

This song became one of the favorite songs of Iron Maiden fans in the Blaze Bayley era

The feel of the new Iron Maiden and experiments from Steve Harris are felt.

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